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  • We are a family of 8 who enjoys cliff jumping. We used your site last year to plan our family vacation. This year we are canoeing down the buffalo. -De'Lane

  • Aight man im headin out.. ill keep in touch.. thanks for plannin out my summer bro! -Bobby

  • I just came across your amazing site. What a great find, I found a brotherhood that I didnt know existed! I have jumped many a heart pounding cliffs and know the glory of rising to the surface to hear the cheer of my jumping comrades and the inspired but gravity bound onlookers. -SLEVEN

  • This site is terrific. I have used it to go to over 10 sites, all around the US. Keep it up. This site is great for our SPORT. Cliff jumper until im in a wheel chair! -Steven

  • If it wasn't for your site, then I never would have found out about my favorite cliff jumping spot (the one at Seebe, Alberta) so I suppose I do owe you one.-Cliff

  • To the man that is revolutionizing cliff jumping, my true passion...all props to ya dude. Happy Birthday! -Lucas